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Glulam and Cross Laminated Timber Installers


Glued laminated timber (Glulam) beams are load bearing structural members for roofs, floors and other construction situations. Glulam is an engineered product using structurally rated, seasoned and selected timbers. Each single piece of timber is graded and end joined to produce the length required. Multiple layers of timber are bonded together with suitable adhesives to provide a variety of sectional beam sizes. By building up large, strong members from a number of thin laminations, any size, shape and length of member can be manufactured. Glulam members are stronger, weight for weight, than most other structural materials.

Glulam beams are delivered to site and installed, with the use of cranes, by our experienced crane supervisors and erecting teams. Steve Coleman has over thirty year experience in erecting Glulam beams, he has overcome many complex situations over the years and has passed on much of this knowledge to our experienced erectors.

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