Glulam is the natural, strong and attractive alternative to concrete or steel

Glue Laminated Timber or Glulam Beams can be used as the primary material for many forms of structures. Whilst taking advantage of the sustainability credentials as a carbon neutral and renewable resource. Glulam Beams are often selected to be exposed for aesthetic reasons. Glulam Beams are one of the most versatile engineered wood product materials. They are produced using structurally rated, seasoned timbers. Multiple layers of engineered timber are bonded together to provide a variety of beam sizes. By building up strong, large Glulam Beams from a number of lamination's, any shape, size or length of beam can be manufactured. Glulam Beams are stronger, weight for weight than any other structural material.

Steve Coleman has over forty years experience in Installing Glulam Beams.

Glulam Beams are delivered to site and installed with cranes, by our experienced Crane supervisors, Slinger Signallers and Glulam Erectors. 

Steve has overcome many complex situations over the years and has passed this knowledge on to our experienced Glulam Erectors.