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Steve Coleman

Steve Coleman has more than nine years experience in the Cross laminated Timber Industry. He formed his own company in 2003 which specialise in Erecting Glulam Beam and Cross Laminated Timber Structures. Steve Coleman commissioned the first ever Cross Laminated Timber Residential Home built in the UK, back in 2004, which he erected in less than one day.

Steve Coleman began his career path over thirty years ago as a carpenter. During the early years he became involved in the Glulam Industry and began erecting large Glulam Structures. In 1998 Steve Coleman was contracted as Carpentry Supervisor to oversee the Carpentry and Joinery works at the new British Embassy in Moscow.

In 2003, through Steve Coleman's involvement in the Glulam industry, he was introduced to a new concept in the UK; building with cross laminated timber panels. He has since been responsible for supervising the installation of over seventy cross laminated Timber projects worldwide. These include many prestigious and award winning projects, amongst them, Open Academy in Norwich, Worcester Library and research Centre and City Academy Norwich. Steve Coleman's significant abilities as a Supervisor are recognised at highly regarded companies within the cross laminated timber industry.

  • Open Academy, Norwich | Glulam & Cross Laminated Timber Erectors | Steve Coleman

    Open Academy, Norwich

    Date: 2009
    Build Period: 16 weeks
    Timber Volume : 3,065m3